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#Shoes Storage

In the morning every minute counts, so you don’t have time to waste hunting for your favorite shoes. The right storage will make you finding them in a breeze. And that way, you can devote those few extra minutes to sleep.
Perfect for tidying away all those muddy boots and shoes in the bootroom or hallway, the Large Chedworth Shoe Locker offers plenty of storage with its 12 compartments. Each individual cubby hole even has a little space for a label, should you wish to make sure those stray trainers and football boots are reunited with their rightful owner!
Inspired by traditional school lockers, this vintage Chedworth Shoe Locker is a wonderfully neat and tidy way of storing all those stray trainers and football boots. A useful addition to any hallway, boot or utility room with 8 cubby holes for storage. 
The Colworth Welly Crate is designed to fit wellies large and small, as well as trainers and various outdoor footwear and has an appealing vintage crate-style design to offer the ultimate in shoe storage. Just perfect for organising and stowing away your footwear near the back door.


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Crucifixos fora das escolas públicas por ordem do Governo

Ministra da Educação diz não querer atacar a Igreja Católoca, mas antes fazer alguma pedagogia e demonstrar igual respeito por todas as religiões. Os ofícios com a ordem governamental já começaram a chegar às escolas onde os símbolos religiosos ainda permanecem visíveis

Embora ache que há cruzes muito mais importantes com que o governo se devia preocupar, e essas sim deviam ser uma prioridade, pois são cruzes demasiado pesadas e estão nos ombros dos portugueses, como é o caso dos impostos, do desemprego, etc...Não posso deixar de concordar com a atitude. Afinal, e embora a população portuguesa seja maioritariamente católica, não nos podemos esquecer que vivemos numa democracia e que temos que levar em consideração todas as outras ideologias religiosas, parece-me por isso uma medida acertada e coerente a de retirar os crucifixos das escolas públicas.
Não há que impôr nenhuma religião a ninguém, há que educar e respeitar a liberdade de escolha de cada um.

Scandinavian Trends

If you are a fan of the beauty and the simplicity of the nordic style, the House Doctor brand is perfect for you. For this coming autumn/winter they combine the brightness of the Scandinavian design with a cosy bohemian atmosphere. You will find materials, shades and surfaces which will combine your décor with an aesthetic look and an atmosphere of harmony. Nature Side Table Their pieces are simple but make a true statement and fit so well in any interior, like this charming  Nature Side Table.  I'm really in love! Otto table lamp
Twice wall lamp OPAL grey pendant lamp In this season, glassware will form a great trend in the décor. Everything from vases and lanterns to decorative items lamps will provide the décor.

You will find different styles and finishes of Rattan chairs and stools with bohemian vibes.
Dot Vase in White Glazing The combination of burned and cold colours will create a natural and balanced look which enables you to experiment with all sorts of materials.
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