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Modern Bathroom

Be inspired by our moodboard and meet the new Wireworks Oyster Bathroom collection.
Modern Bathroom by cruzeirodotejo Oyster finish is a tested, water resistant, matt lacquer white tint that shows the natural grain of the oak below. Made from sustainably harvested, solid American white oak and oak veneers. All edges are crisp and sharp, but finely hand sanded to make them soft to the touch. Marina Chrome and Glass Bathroom Lamp
€115 -

Wireworks Contemporary Oyster Finish Towel Rail Mezza Grande
€155 -

M Co white bath towel
€28 -

Wireworks Oyster Finish Slimline Cabinet 550
€245 -

Wireworks Oyster Finish Caddy Quattro Trays Storage
€165 -

Wireworks Contemporary Oyster Finish Mezza Bin
€66 -

What is the Right Location for Your Bed?

The site Houzz got curious and was finding out what really works when it comes to these myths of bed position in the bedroom.
"Where should I position my bed?”
Leaning against the wall, in the center, near the window or facing the bathroom? Each of these positions has its pros and cons, and the site Houzz has decided to go deep and find out what really is right when it comes to where the bed should fit according to five myths of décor. Check it:
On the central wall - Feng Shui supports leaning against the bed in the central wall of the room, so this is one of the most common positions in the rooms. However, the technique indicates that this should not be done if water or gas pipes pass through the same wall (this is believed to disrupt sleep).
In reality, everything depends on the size and proportions of the space: "If the room is square, then it is better to put the bed on the central axis," explains Russian designer Julia Golavskaya. If the environment is rectangular, &q…

Sofas to Love: Chesterfield

We love great design and Chesterfield leather sofas are intrinsically timeless, but each generation sees something different in each period, and Chesterfields can be dated from their particular styles.

Chesterfield armchairs and sofas are hand built by skilled craftsmen using only the finest materials: premium leathers, brass castors, solid beech fames, mahogany feet. We could go on: it is sufficient to say that none of the process is mass produced or outsourced. The components of each piece of Chesterfield furniture are made the traditional way: hand formed and also assembled by hand, using dowels, screws, and corner blocks for added strength. Unfortunately, many English built leatherChesterfield sofas for sale simply trade on our heritage of skilled craftsmen, but proceed to commit heresies, such as buying in pre-sprung cushions and then placing them on unsprung frames so as to compete on price with Far Eastern manufacturers. Once the Chesterfield sofa frame has been fully assembled …

Two in One-Correlations Bench

Designed by Sebastian Jørgensen (1), the Correlations Bench is a rediscovered Scandinavian classic; a piece of furniture that invites you to use it. Is at once restrained and eminently functional, reflecting the balance struck by the duo's pairing of a widely used material and contemporary Scandinavian minimalism. This bench offers plenty of storage, and is ideal for stowing away your essentials. Correlations Bench has a removable lid and a slim, straight shape without arm or back rests, hinges, handles or other unnecessary details.
Two or more Benches can be stuck together through the Correlation Bench Link.

(1) Sebastian Jørgensen is the designer behind We Do Wood. As a trained furniture- and cabinetmaker, Sebastian is an experienced craftsman. However, Sebastian’s understanding of design originally comes from the world of art, which creates a different approach than most. Sebastian’s design process is a bit like painting: he usually make a sketch and goes directly to the workshop…

Statement Piece: Coffee Table

Statement Piece:Coffee Table 
6 coffee tables that will transform your home!

Statement Piece: Coffee Table by cruzeirodotejo featuring black end tables

Wooden furniture
€840 -

Bloomingville black end table
€94 -

Oak furniture
€405 -

Iron table
€450 -

Bloomingville accent table
€155 -

Covo metal table
€265 -

Decorate with Grey and Yellow

A summer breeze inspiration, feel the sun! Decorate with Grey and Yellow. Yellow & Grey by cruzeirodotejo featuring Duchess Armchair
Innermost victorian hanging lamp
€185 -

Framing poster
€18 -

Outdoor accent pillow
€27 -

Paris home decor
€56 -

Yellow home decor
€390 -

Content by Terence Conran Duchess Armchair
€1.540 -

Bloomingville gray coffee table
€230 -

15 chairs to make your home more stylish

Leave all the rooms of the house more stylish betting on chairs with different designs and lots of functionality.

In the home office, in the kitchen or in the living room, chairs add style to the decoration with functionality. There are pieces in organic, geometric, wood, concrete, steel, fixed, rotating, upholstered formats. But one thing is certain: each one increases the environment in its own way.
See the gallery and find the perfect chairs for your home!

Vincent Sheppard - Jim Dining Chair -£345.00
Cotemporary design in the traditional Llyods Loom weaving, this elegant chair will look stunning in any room and not only when used as a dining chair. 

Neptune High Gloss Dining Chair from Dan Form-58.00 
These contemporary dining chairs from Dan-Form's in an assortment of beautiful high gloss colours perfectly match with any of modern dining tables.

Walnut Veneer Black Faux Leather Mid Century Armchair - £170.00
A lovely mix of Mid-Century design inspirations blended together to crea…