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Nordic Style

Nordic Style by cruzeirodotejo featuring battery operated clocks
Battery operated clock
€17 -

Home decor
€38 -

€380 -

Mid century modern furniture
€700 -

Upholstered arm chair
€1.165 -

White accent table
€280 -

Illustrator Creates New Fashion Cut-Outs to Turn Any Landscape into Clever Clothing Designs

"My eyes are always observing my surroundings, and I try to spot interesting textures to add them against my sketches." –Shamekh

Jordan-based illustrator Shamekh Al-Bluwicontinues to combine his love of architecture with fashion through his clever cut-out series. "I always used to sketch ladies and dress them with interesting patterns and cityscapes," he told The Creators Project. Shamekh's clever and inspiring project involves a series of drawings of women with their dress designs cut out. The illustrator holds the cut-outs up against the world around him. The empty portion is then filled with the buildings, landscapes, and anything the world has to offer in the background, serving as unique outfit patterns for his illustrated women.  (read more on original post