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Decor with Clocks

Dont forget, this weekend is the end of summertime. The time will revert, by going back one hour.
It's time to change the clocks! Looking for a clock that’s not like the others?
I have chosen a stunning range of designer clocks to help you on this assignment.
This stylish Felt Clock catches the eye immediately by its distinctive material. It’s made out of 60% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It was designed by the international designer Sebastian Herker for NEFF . Whether in the office or at home, time travels at the same pace — even when it doesn’t seem so.
Wave Clock is the new minimalistic wall clock designed by Sabrina Fossi Design, this elegant and perfectly balanced wall clock has clear figures to telling the time. It is characterized by sinuous waves that make the clock unique. The time seems glide on the waves. Leff Metlev 35 Wall Clock is the ultimate melting pot; coloured glass with a stainless steel edge. A clock in the most basic way, built up out of a detailed…

Halloween Decor

Ready for #Halloween?
Get inspired!

Halloween Party Decor by cruzeirodotejo featuring garden decor
Garden decor
€12 -

Fishing home decor
€16 -

Improvements halloween home decor
€11 -

Improvements halloween home decor
€11 -

Traditional home decor
€93 -

Seletti home decor
€220 -

Pumpkin sculpture

Pillar candle holder
€100 -

Black home decor
€18 -

Plantation furniture
€940 -

Decorate with Lanterns

Some simple and cozy ideas to decorate your home  with lanterns on any season.

You can find  a collection of Lanterns on Vivalagoon online store

(pictures found on Pinterest)

Bathroom Lights and their importance.

Often an afterthought, or even forgotten, bathroom lighting does not seem to get the attention it deserves.  Bathroom is a space that needs layers of light from multiple sources. When deciding on the type of lightbulb to use in your task lighting fixture, it is important to pay attention to the bulbs, also known as the color temperature. The best color temperature to use is it the closest to daylight. Daylight is the ideal color temperature for tasks, such as putting on makeup, because it provides the most accurate depiction of color.
Task lighting is bright, directional light designed to provide more localized light for an activity. Incredibly important and often overlooked in a bathroom, task lighting is usually found around the vanity and is needed for personal grooming practices. A vanity light mounted horizontally above the mirror or two wall sconces mounted alongside the mirror will provide adequate task lighting for putting on makeup, shaving, or brushing teeth. White Wall Bathroom …

Interior Design Inpiration: La Vie Bohème

Bring spring's '70s trend into your home decor with these bohemian style rooms to inspire.

Bohéme Style

Acapulco Chair-Black   Acapulco Chair-Orange 
Pictures found on Pinterest.

Luxury Home by Pacini e Cappellini

The adventure of Alberto Pacini and Camillo Cappellini starts in 1982 when they realised that, to make their dreams come real, they had to not just design but manufacture their own furniture. Not common objects but special and unique Italian designs able to enrich the life of everyone. The firm was established in Cabiate, in the Como area, and is dedicated to producing the most beautiful Italian furniture crafted from wood. Today, Pacini e Cappellini, is established as a leader in the design and manufacture of modern Italian furniture.
Their Collections include chairs, tables, consoles, cupboards and bookcases made of the best woods and tech materials.
Here you can see some of their pieces that are true art pieces of modern furniture.

Available at Vivalagoon online store