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Scandinavian Trends

If you are a fan of the beauty and the simplicity of the nordic style, the House Doctor brand is perfect for you. For this coming autumn/winter they combine the brightness of the Scandinavian design with a cosy bohemian atmosphere. You will find materials, shades and surfaces which will combine your décor with an aesthetic look and an atmosphere of harmony. Nature Side Table Their pieces are simple but make a true statement and fit so well in any interior, like this charming  Nature Side Table.  I'm really in love! Otto table lamp
Twice wall lamp OPAL grey pendant lamp In this season, glassware will form a great trend in the décor. Everything from vases and lanterns to decorative items lamps will provide the décor.

You will find different styles and finishes of Rattan chairs and stools with bohemian vibes.
Dot Vase in White Glazing The combination of burned and cold colours will create a natural and balanced look which enables you to experiment with all sorts of materials.
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Create the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom

This season is all about comfort and cosiness! 
One of the most important factors for your personal well-being is sleep. The primary purpose of the bedroom is to create peace in everyday life. It is in the bedroom you spend most hours of your life. Therefore, it is essential to create a bedroom which is pleasant and relaxing to be in. Create the perfect atmosphere in your bedroom.
Soft textiles in different patterns will provide the décor with warmth and depth. So just throw yourself into it and release your creativity by combining different shades, sizes and textures. 
Add a nice and soft carpet. green plants in beautiful pots which will bring the green shades into focus.

Elegant and simple materials and room for a short rest. In this way, all necessities will be fulfilled in the very same room.

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A Must Have This Season - Velvet

In this season, velvet will form a great trend in the décor.  
With its depth and rich texture, velvet adds a modern sophistication to your interiors.
OTYLIA DEEP BLUE VELVET 3 SEAT SOFA Choose bold colours and mix with pieces in metal with gold or silver effect, to add a personal style and charm in your décor.

With velvet furniture you are able to create a unique look which will undoubtedly impress your guests.
Velvet, it is about bringing glamour into everyday life!

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Contemporary Furniture by Vincent Sheppard

Be inspired by the timeless sophistication of the Vincent Sheppard garden collections and extend your interior style into your outdoor living space.

From versatile wicker sofas to beautiful teak wood dining tables.
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