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Decor with Coat Stands

Hallways are the first place you arrive and should provide an inviting entrance for you and any guests who’ve come to visit you.
With winter, we need to store all the many hats, scarves, shoes, coats and gloves, not to mention bags, brollies and wellie boots, the cold weather demands.
So why not include coat and hat stands in your scheme?
Teamed with hooks for hats and coats, it will ensure they’re stored tidily and are immediately to hand.
It furnishes your entry hall, welcomes your guests and takes care of the objects you carry every day.A great example of multi-fuinctional Italian design.
They’re easy to assemble, easy to move and easy to fit in, even in the smallest areas of your home.
Twelve colourful pins in different lengths can be placed anywhere along Danish designers We Do Wood’s Scoreboard, making it practical for hanging clothes easily for anyone in the family to reach.

If you have the space, Baskets are a great solution for hallways with little or no built-in storage. Throw everything from bags and hats to scarves and gloves in there. You could even have one for less frequently worn shoes and boots. Teamed with hooks for coats, they’ll keep your hall clear and functional.
Provide a place for people to sit down.
The Tunicam is an elegant and wholly functional hall stand that comes with a seat to help with the taking off outdoor shoes and wellies as well as a handy drawer for their storage. The top has been designed with wooden coat knobs and also a K shape that's handy for hats. The overall profile is sure to cut as much of a dash as your impeccable attire.
They may seem old-fashioned, but umbrella stands are incredibly useful and will ensure your hall floor doesn't get stained with rainwater or strewn with drying brollies.
Umbrella stands now come in all kinds of shapes, designs and materials, so you should be able to find one that works nicely with your interior.
If you need a Coat Stand and extra storage, the Northgate Long Coat Stand is a great option, is practical and stylish.
The Northgate Long Coat Stand has clean lines and sleek edges and will make a beautiful addition to your hall, conservatory or bedroom. An ideal storage place for your outdoor belongings that's both practical and stylish. A solid oak frame and chrome steel piping add to the elegance.
The Minimal Tree 2 is a coat stand in painted iron in perfect synthesis between functionality, nature and design. With its minimal forms and linear MinimalTree the hanger, which draws trees and nature, plays a leading role in any room of the house, from the living room to the bed until you come to office environments and open to the public. The floor comprises a light line in perfect theme "nature" on which rise the auctions with their many branches make the hanger MinimalTree practical, functional and useful for storing a large number of clothes.
Bringing the outside in is a healthy move for any home, even if it's just the simple addition of the charming Latva Coat Stand from Finnish designer Mikko Laakkonen. Inspired by the Nordic treetops of his native land, its' long bare branches will soon grow thick with your jackets, coats and scarves. Stand a pair side by side for the perfect room divider, for organisation with an organic touch.
Coatstands are all the vogue at the moment and this is a fine walnut example with hints of mid-century design. Four footed base with attractive cage design and supplied with plenty of wooden knobs for all your coats, hats and bags.
A coat stand designed to be functional but at the same time a sculptural piece that will embellish any space.  Its simple and solid structure bound together with a leather rope, was inspired by the movements and garments of the “cancan” dancers.
If you find yourself scurrying around for your keys most days, then this is the perfect solution.
A multi-functional piece of hall furniture that will provide you with somehwere to keep your keys as well as hang your scarf. Never again mislay things you need when popping out.
Simple but elegant, this wooden stand is also very practical design with wooden pegs for hanging coats, hats and scarves along with a central hole for hanging an umbrella or walking stick.
Named after the famous Saguaro Mexican cactus, this coat stand is sure to transform your hallway.
The fun and colourful coatstand immediately catches the eye and injects a little fun into the room. It’s sure to draw residents and guests alike to hang up their things.

Ensure your entrance is calm and clutter-free with these simple storage ideas.

You can find all Coat Stands on Vivalagoon online store 



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